About Kontactlab

We create art and technology

Kontactlab is a global art technology studio focusing on design, technology, film and sound.

Kontactlab was established in 2014 by artists and technology specialists in Beijing, Tokyo and Hong Kong to create immersive content with an artistic approach. Kontactlab’s creative innovation is communicated through exhibitions, instalments, spaces, events and brands - both online and offline. In addition to having an artistic approach to projects; Kontactlab also provides consulting and services for Chinese and international brands in the area of technology and design.

Our specialities include Augmented Reality (AR), Virtual Reality (VR), Projection Mapping, 3D, Mixed Reality (MR), Film and Sound Production, Graphic Design, UI/UX Design, Website Design and APP Development. Please see a comprehensive list of what we can do on our services section.

Elegant Music is a music label from Kontactlab. Kontactlab is not about mainstream popular music, Kontactlab and Elegant Music want to bring music to you that is unique and created with heart, as well as support these artists. In addition to our Vimeo, social media and behance account, see our projects section for more information on what've we've been up to.

Due to Kontactlab’s approach to having a combination of art, design, technology, film and sound; Kontactlab can provide comprehensive experiences and diverse solutions for both businesses and entertainment purposes that will leave you amazed and wanting for more.


Utilising science and technology with media art will create a new challenging experience for the human sensory system. From traditional graphic visual arts to computational systems of today, the human sensory system is one of our main driving forces for development and creating new diverse experiences.

KontactLab is committed to utilising virtual and interactive technologies in combination to create unique new experiences and services. One of our goals is to strive to create experiences that leave the user questioning what is virtual and what is reality.

MISSION: Create new, unique and astonishing content and experiences.

GOAL: Deliver unique content and experiences on a global scale.

VISION: Everyone’s Kontact lab.

SLOGAN: Design into life, technology for the soul.

New York · Tokyo · Hong Kong · Beijing · Shanghai · Hamburg

Kontactlab is a multidisciplinary laboratory consisting of:
artists · scientists · designers · archaeologists · financial analysts.

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