Elegant Music Presents Starro 2017 China Tour


Elegant Music presents: starRo 2017 China Tour
Mior Showcase


An efficient tool for branding and promotional activities
Fuji Jump APP


The action "Jump" taken to a whole new level
You are the Fire


360 degree travel destination promo video.


A computer graphics work that stems from the idea of dreaming
LandRoom logo


LandRoom is a family-style, play-oriented education concept for early child education (ECE). LandRoom rethinks the foundations of children’s education by focusing especially on creativity, fun and providing the atmosphere of a home. Children between the ages of 0 to 6 should interact in a safe environment, have fun, as well as learn through hands-on-experience and learn about the perception of sounds as emotions. Listening skills develop faster than speaking skills, thus the arts, music and the perception and emotional delivery of sounds are a central part of the LandRoom curriculum. Interaction with music and sound help the children to learn to better express themselves and interact in the society. LandRoom puts great value in creating a safe, healthy, creative and nurturing environment for the children to develop.

Moment of ... Project


The Moment of … is a solution that integrates design and technology into geographical context and experience. We use traditional products as a medium and utilise AI and VR technology to provide the user(s) to experience a scene or other new scenes with added exploration narrative, as well as more spiritual contact when interacting with the region.

VR-T: Kontactlab uses traditional clothing and the Chinese drum as the packaging medium for this VR product. An AI system is triggered when the user(s) takes a selfie; which then takes the user on a cultural journey.

Elegant Music Project


Elegant Music is an experimental music label by Kontactlab. The goal of Elegant Music is to promote both domestic and foreign, high-level independent producers, musicians and live shows. The production of interactive systems and visual design follows a four-dimensional flow of sound, lighting, electricity and people. An interactive music platform that engages through online and offline activities create a close bond between fans and musicians.

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Unnu Project


How do clothing and people interact in the future? This is a question that UNNU, a brand from Kontactlab, explores with by creating apparel that combine smart technology and clothing.

Mior project icon


The Mior concept originally stems from the interactive experience of travel, however, the use of “Mior” goes far beyond the original set of “functionality” you’d come across when travelling. It covers the four major operational functions of somatosensory manipulation, photography, photo background selection and photo printing. Camera is no longer a single image display, but with the addition of Mior, it becomes an art show.

This comprehensive integration of functionality makes Mior a great tool for promotional, branding and advertising activities. Mior is very suitable for shopping malls, event spaces, nightclubs and other public spaces due to it’s capability of providing an immersive experience with the brand concerned. Utilising the WeChat platform for public accounts with Mior allows to quickly establish new customer bases and consumer groups. The customers can tailor the images themselves according to their needs, for example with the choice of stickers, sharing to social media or custom souvenirs. The process indulges the customers with the brand concerned, thus becoming a strong tool for interactive advertising.

You are the Fire Project


You are the Fire is a 360-degree panoramic travel destination / destination promo video. The goal is to immerse the viewer in a tourist destination and let them experience a new destination, or go back to relive the area, scenery and people of the destination.

vr version View the VR version Watch on Vimeo
Fuji Jump Project


Kontactlab uses “Jump” as an action to let the user experience an interaction with the scene and switching of scenes.

VR KTV Project


VR KTV was one of Kontactlab’s earliest VR application projects, which created an “universe” and gave the users a stage where they could experience singing in the centre of the stage, accompanied by an audience around them waving light sticks.

Wave Project


Wave is a piece that stems from the origins of a dream. The work combines the characteristics and elements of computer graphics (CG), games, music and devices among others to create an integrated, multi-element piece of work. Wave is a combination of serialism, automaXcism and micro sound theory. These three main kinds of ideas produce a structure of a model (tone) and system (wave), which as a combination creates a composition and visualisation of an artificial tradition. Music and computer generated content together creates an aura of sensibility, yet with a feeling of randomness.

Watch it on Vimeo